Sunday, February 14, 2010


I started out this morning with great intentions to hit the gym..knowing that the day would be filled with wonderful treats that just needed to be eaten! But something pulled me to the computer to check Craig's List and low and behold there was a yard since my window of "free" time this morning was an hour I thought I would skip the workout and head for the sale....should have hit the gym!!! Wasn't much there but at least it was a clean sale no garbage but no treasures either.

I figured naked men on Valentines Day was a perfect fit so here is a picture of the men in my life. This was taken a couple years back (not sure if all three of them can still fit in the shower) but I still think it is a sweet picture and worked perfect for this post.
Make sure that you tell those special people how much they mean to you.
Shouldn't every day be Valentines Day? Well maybe we would have to forgo the chocolates although that would make more of us to love!!
Hope everyone enjoyed the special day!



Vintage Market Place said...

That is so funny, I took a picture of my boys in the shower this valentines but my husband would have died if I put it on my blog, good sport your guy!

Kindred Roses said...

Hey Girl,
I will share that scale with you...We can dream together. 66666666666666666666
Have a great day


Since my husband is not a computer guy he won't know till it's too late!!! I did crop the picture so he should be thanking me!!!

They tested the three men in the shower aka tub theory last night and lets just say it is a very tight fit!!

chicroses said...

Hi Leslee, Just came across your blog via a dealer from Camas Wn. Your hubbys picture and kids ..darling. I never have seen your baby...first time. Good looking boys. Always tempted to do your show again but just to hot for us. Got some health issues going on...Im at the Rusty Pelican still in Richland...would like to visit your show this summer..maybe I'll get there. Now to go back and see more...Sally Reed


Oh my gosh so nice to hear from you! How have you and Jim been? Yes the boys are cute (it's a good thing...keeps them out of lots of trouble). Garrett will be 3 in May and Clayson turned 10 in Oct. So they are growing up!
Would love to see you guys this summer. I will have to look you up next time I'm in the shop!

Take care!

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Hi Leslee, wow I didn't know yo had sucha young one! They are all sooo cute! I'm putting your show on the Calendar right now!