Sunday, April 4, 2010


I found quote sometime back and thought that it was very fitting for this glorious holiday..............

It is SO the little things that make up our days, isn't it? Of course there are the BIG things and the in-between things. But I am most grateful for the little things. The things that we do because it is what we do. The day in and day out things-the everyday things. The things that we have done a zillion times before, knowing that they will need to be done a zillion times again. The repetitive solo dance that we do as we twirl through a single day. And when I get fussy and don't want to do some of these things I sternly remind myself how lucky I am to be alive and able to do them. And then I feel grateful again.
note: wonderful clip art came from she always has so many wonderful things to share

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Nancy Cook said...

Thank you for that quote- it really fits where I am in my life now- in between big things and trying to gain some perspective on the repetitive little things. Gratitute is the right attitude. Thanks.