Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Holy Crap is it June????

Is it really June? And is the last time I made a post on here in December? Well sad to say but Yes & Yes!!!!!

I have made myself a challenge or should I say added to the list of my challenges!! I have challenged myself to making a post on here and on my facebook page every day....yes everyday till August 13!!!! Why August 13 you ask? Well because that my friends is the date for this years American Primitives @ Clayson Farm Antique Show!!!!! Oh yes it is looking to be a wondeful many talented vendors returning and some new ones joinin in the fun!!! Be sure and mark your calendars for this once a year junkin treat!!!! Be here bright and early as the gates open at 9:00 a.m. sharp!!! And it is a buying frenzy!!!

Well wish me luck as I have just knocked out day one.....not sure how many to go and not sure if I want

Thanks for stickin in there with my lamo posting skills and for giving me the slightest of hints as to "Hey did you know you haven't made a post since December!!!"

I will vow to do better!!! Well till at least August 13!

Born to Live...Live to Junk!!


The Whistle Stop said...

Good luck! That's hard to do... at least for me it is! I guess you could always just say, "Good Morning"! :)
Wish I lived closer your show looks so wonderful! Take lots of pictures for us who are far away!
I am trying for the first time a small vendor show this Saturday at my shop. Only 10 vendors and I'm nervous. Hoping the weather is good, the turn out is good etc. etc.!!
Will look forward to your posts!

chicroses said...

Hi Leslie...not sure if you remember Jim and I ..we were vendors at your show years ago. Had so much fun doing it. Not sure if you heard but we opened up a shop downtown Richland in the Uptown shopping area. Called Minnie Jane's. It is in the breezeway behind Beckys consighnment shop. Stop in sometime. Were open only in afternoons thurs,fri,and sat usually...sally

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie
I'm really looking forward to being a vendor at your show again , you do such a great job :)
I'll try to do better , too , this year and blog about your show before it happens instead of after.
See you soon


Laurie....We think alike! I never said post would be big I just said I would post!! lol so Good Morning will ge used alot!!!

Sally...of course I remember you guys!!! Hope shop is doing well and if I get that way I will be sure and stop by!! looking forward to all your cool stuff!!! Would love for you to blog about the show!! I know it is really hard to stay up on these things...not sure how some of these "bloggers" do it! Maybe I should let them borrow my kiddos and see how they Hope to see you soon!!

Kindred Roses said...

Hello my friend!!!
Sure do miss you. Cant wait to see you.