Monday, June 6, 2011


Well I fell off the wagon for days 3 & 4...but I have a good excuse!! On day 3 that would be Saturday me and my littlest junkin partner left the house at 5:30 a.m. and headed to the Farm Chicks show in Spokane! Lucky for me and Garrett my nephew Coalby goes to EWU and lives in Cheney during the school year.....and again lucky for us is that he is not quite done wih school yet AND agreed to take care of a Garrett for me for the day!!!! So with a surprise visit from Kelsey (Coalby's very cute girlfriend and a local girl who has watched Garrett before) a great trip to the park...the gift shop on campus and pizza delivery they survived the day and it made for a great day for me to go junkin!!!!

Kinda weird being by myself although that feeling soon changed when I drove into the parking lot of the show!!! HOLY COW people everywhere...not sure where all these people come from but it must be far & wide! With the help of good friends watchin my back I was able to "creep" up in line and didn't have to wait the hour or so I'm sure it took the other line to get into the show!!!! I had a mission in mind and that was to get my flyers out to the dealers & friends that I have there so that maybe a few of these gazzillion people would hopefully see my American Primitives at Clayson Farm flyer and grab one to save the date & join me in August!!

There were as many people inside as outside as there was an early buyer ticket that could be purchased that got you into the show an hour early. With a whole new bay of vendors this is a titch overwhelming....everywhere you look is something else wonderful & amazing....the lengths that some (most) of the vendors take to get their booth ready is incredible. Back seats of old rusty cars, grain silos, gigantic barn cupola, 6' round water trough made into chandelier heck I even saw a booth that had a beautiful live white chicken!!!! Yes people pull out all the stops for this show!

One of my other missions was to get myself back to Cheney get Garrett and get to Moses Lake to watch Claysons 4:00 game. He had a baseball tourney there this weekend!!! Sorry to say that I missed the game but I did get to see the Sunday games and watch the boys battle it out to take 3rd!!! Great job boys!!!

Ok to the reason for missing my post challenge....on Saturday night when we checked into the hotel (whole team of 12 boys plus all the families) there were already 2 other baseball and 1 softball team checked the place was a zoo. I knew that the hotel had a computer and free WiFi so I thought this would be great I won't miss a day cause they have a computer!!! Little did I know that I would be vying for a spot on that computer with 50 kids ages 9-16.....uggghhhh!!!! I even went down just before midnight and they were still on it!!!! Sunday morning wasn't much better so I thought oh shoot I will just post when I get home about 9:30 and got unloaded, laundry started and sat down and fell asleep!!!

So that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!

Born to Live.....Live to Junk!


Anonymous said...

I was there, too! Wasn't it a great show?!

The Little Red Shop said...

Wow! What a busy wonder you fell asleep. Wasn't that "car seat" fabulous? I went both days, and am pretty sure I still missed seeing some of the booths.

Have a gorgeous week!

: )

Julie M.

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

I'd stick to it too! Sounds like you had a crazy weekend! Fabulous that you made it to the Farm Chicks... I've been trying to get there for the last few years but something always comes up :(


Erika said...

You lost me at the part where you cut in line !