Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm not sure where the time goes!!! The weather has finally changed it was only 99 degrees yesterday! The ice tea machine & maker had to work overtime! We took another quick road trip on Saturday up to Monroe & Snohomish. The drive is soooo beautiful from North Bend up thru Duvall, Fall City & Carnation. We made several stops to shops on the way to get show flyers distributed. There was a NW largest yard sale going on at the fairgrounds in Monroe........I didn't find much, but Mo made up for the both of us with his fishing pole & reel deals and not to mention a couple of other must have tool items! We then headed off to Snohomish for Craven Farm's tailgate sale in persuit of some hugs from Erin!! Oh Erin where are you?????????? Must have had big business going on in Olympia for the Mushroom festival or did she just meet some "fun guy"! ha! Clayson was so bummed he didn't get to see her! He was finally confivced she wasn't there when he couldn't find her car or that "huge" trailer she hauls around. Guess he will just have to wait till August for that HUG!

Snohomish is always mom was born there so it is only fitting that she loves antiques! There are tons of fun shops to look at and there used to be a wonderful carmel corn/candy store but they have been replaced by a new gotta get one bakery where the chocolate almond cashew cookies are to die for! We finished out the trip by stopping back in Cle Elum and taking a tour thru the Suncadia project.........OH MY! This is a beautiful area. Lots of houses in the high rent district and then some other is the high high rent district. We stopped at one of the fort-treehouse playgrounds and let the kids blow off some stink before the final stop HOME! Nothing better than a great day junking with perfect weather & great company!

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest........HA! Sunday was a day of work around here well at least most of the day. I worked on a brick moving project and Mark & Clayson worked on the barn project all the while the little guy (Garrett) was ni night in his nest with his little buns in the air......he's the only smart one! We then decided to take a break and head up to Naches to cool off in the pool. If only the pool was open! Not sure why they were closed on such a hot day. So we had to "settle" with taking sundaes to Gram & Poppy's house.

Hope you stay cool & have your calendar marked for August 9th!!!


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