Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We are in the middle of a huge project........moving an old early 1900's barrell roof barn. Not sure at this point what we were thinking, but we have come to far to turn back! In order to get it moved to our property we are going to have to cut the top off and transport it in two pieces! So in order to do that the two pieces have to be shored up so they don't fall apart when it is taken apart and carried the mile or so to our house. And yes of course the weather has changed and it is supposed to be in the high 90's over the weekend. I guess that beats all the wind that we have been having lately.

The plan is to have the barn moved here and usable enough for the show by August the pressure Mo! This is the only project that we have going for the show this year other than the usual yard work, house cleaning and a million little honey do projects. Only 45 more days and counting!!

Don't really have any vacations planed just an occasional Saturday road trip. This weekend it will be to Monroe & Snohomish. Gonna go check out the "NW Largest Yard Sale" and then stop in at Craven Farm's tailgate sale to check up on Erin & Janet. Clayson has been dying to see them. Although we did run into Janet in Packwood over Memorial Day, but it has been quite some time since we've seen Erin (new auntie). Then in a couple of weeks we will venture down to Portland for EXPO!!! It is always the perfect gift for my mom since they plan this show to fall on her birthday almost every year!!!

I will try and get some pictures posted of the barn and get some more fine tuning done on this blog my spare time ha! Where does the time go????

Take care~

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