Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yesterday was beautiful! It was a bit overcast, but the sun would peek through and so it did tend to seem a bit muggy out but no rain or wind and that is a good thing around here lately!

We drove down the Washington side of the Columbia river to attend the Flourishes flea market held at Mt. Pleasant. All of the wildflowers are in bloom and everything is still really green. We raced a few trains & honked the horn in every tunnel (yes all 8 of them)! The Mt. Pleasant property's view is breathtaking especially today there is no wind and the river is like a huge sheet of blue glass and the reflection of all of the hillsides in the water is fabulous!
Aleta informed us that there had been a "bear" that had come through the show in the night and caused some havik~guess he didn't realize that early buying was from 8-10 A.M.!!! Not really sure what it was he was looking for, but it sure added some unneeded & unexpected craziness to the morning that Aleta didn't need or deserve! But she of course didn't let a little "bear" stop her. The show must go on and it did!

We met Jermonne & Joe from the Barn House. They had the greatest booth! Cool stuff and a perfect spot at the back of a barn no less! I hinted that if they would like to they could come join the show this year. They are in the process of trying to figure out the best mode of transportation for their goods. Renting a U-haul is not the most economical way, but do you go with a trailer and then will the truck pull the trailer? Geez isn't anything easy anymore? I wish them much success and hope to see them in August!

My friend Wendy went with us and she bought a 7' pine plank style table for $71.00 yes i said $71.00!! The funnest part was strapping it to the top of the Excursion....the roof racks had never been used and this was the perfect way for them to be initiated! Clayson wanted to know if we were going to get a ticket for hauling a table upside down on the car or if we would knock it off when we went back home through the tunnels! The only thing we got was junk envy when we went into Camas for the rest of the day to check out the shops. What a charming little town! We decided to complete our circle trip by coming home via White Pass (no tunnels-darn). We stopped in Packwood for a potty break and some medicine (diet pepsi & peanut M&M's) and let Garrett yell at the Elk feeding in the pasture behind the convenience store!

It was such a beautiful drive and there is still actually snow in places along the road at the top of the pass!

Can't wait till next time!

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