Friday, June 10, 2011

Cubs take 2nd!!!

Although the boys got 2nd place...they are winners in my book!!! They all played a very good game against a very tough team!!! Way to go Upper Valley Cubs!!!

Ok so I think I mentioned a few days back about some hair brain project we were gonna start that would be 400 40# blocks to form a wall.....well......those 40# blocks turned into 65# blocks and those blanket blank things are heavy!!!! As I was trying to make my getaway this morning to some yard sales I was quilted into staying home and doing the right thing by helping get this honey do project finished....well I think we got about 1/3 of them laid...didn't want to not have anything to do for the rest of the weekend by getting them all laid in one Again I ask "why don't the guys on TV with their projects take this long?" I again received the same least some things never change! Maybe by the end of tomorrow I will be so tired I can't ask that question!
I am going to sneek away tomorrow morning as there is an annual warehouse sale that is not to be missed....hey I worked my fanny (or tried to anyways) off so I deserve a junkin fix!

Hope you all had a great Friday...enjoy your Saturday!

Born to Live...Live to Junk!

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