Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cubs win again!!!

Yes it is baseball season...seems lately we eat...sleep...breath & eat baseball!!!! Little League season is almost over and I'm pretty sure the boys systems are gonna go into shock when they don't get their 3-4 night a week pre-game ritual of either a hot dog meal or a cheeseburger meal followed after the game by an ice cream of some sorts. Thanks to Karen at the concession stand dinner is always ready!

We are in the last part of the city tournament and Clayson's team the Cubs won tonight 16-4....wonderful job by all the players......not so sure how the game tomorrow night will turn out as we have just a couple of pitchers left to use....that's that bad part of loosing earlier in the just have to keep digging your way up out of the losers bracket by playing every night! They all played really well...Clayson pitched tonight....two innings with 9 pitches....six innings with no walks and a couple great hits!!! He was also selected to try out for the All Star team! Way to go Clayson!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday.....tomorrow is Friday....yahhhhhh!!!

Born to Live....Live to Junk

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